Are you a restaurateur interested in selling or growing your business?  Are you interested in buying a restaurant, café, or bar?

Then choose a firm with over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry that solely focuses on the restaurant industry. 

Solara Restaurant Ventures was created to help restaurateurs sell their business and help others buy restaurants.  There are many business brokers that in a given day work with clients to sell a carwash in the morning, a manufacture at lunch, a card store in the afternoon and possibly a restaurant. The restaurant industry is very different from other industries.  Restaurants provide both a service and a product to their customer.  The inventory is variable day-to-day and prices change weekly if not daily.  Restaurants are  sometimes independent or can be part of a chain or a franchise.  Your ultimate goal is to provide the guest with a WOW experience.

We understand what your needs are since we have been there as owners and operators. We know how to value your business, how to help you grow your business and how to sell your business.  We know how to help the buyer purchase a restaurant.  We want to help you meet your goals or selling your restaurant or buying a restaurant.

Hoagie Franchise
Price: $250,000
Sales: $700000
Cashflow: $75000

Hoagie Franchise NE Philly
Price: $225,000
Sales: $600000
Cashflow: $100000